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The Queer Theory Library is a library focused on creating a collective space for discussion, experimentation, and knowledge. Providing access to academic texts and activating them with curated cultural programming, the Library invites an engaged, imaginative experience and greater community dialogue. The Queer Theory Library also functions as an growing archive for local artists, writers, and residents to submit their work, writings, and ephemera.

With a mission to radically shift and explore possibilities for queer thought, culture, and liberation, the Library is focused on abolition and futurism. How we frame our past and present influences the future we build; how we perceive and write our realities creates new worlds. Through education, collaboration, and creation, the QTL aims to enable, empower, and inspire our queer communities.

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I walked with a loved one for an hour to Santo & johnny's Sleepwalk: We exited through the front door, encircled the house, and re-entered through an upstairs back door. We went down the stairs and landed at the bottom exactly as the song ended. We stopped. My partner held me for a moment. There was a pause until she dipped a needle in ink and took it to my back. After leaving a permanent trace of our embrace on my body, she let go. The needle went back on the record, restarting Sleepwalk, and we continued on.

Calling the Body I Cannot See

Atop a pedestal, a body double and I spent 10 hours leaving kisses on each other. 

Untitled (Homage to Oscar Wilde’s Grave or Making Myself into a Queer Monument) 
Performed for the Pittsburgh Performance Art Festival
Lipstick on linen 2017

Off the Record

 A series of performances presented as a silent, off-screen time traveling lesbain survival sci-fi documentary. 

Installed at The Miller Institute of Contemporary Art. Framed text, artifacts, (needle, ink, Santo & Johnny record, blouse, cracked phone), breath and fingerprints preserved in glass, stone, lipstick on stone.  


Phantom Penetration (Exorcising the Body) All my sweat, collected from July 11 - August 11 2018 Installed at Bard Berlin